Our ESG commitment

Our ESG strategy focuses on minimizing our environmental impact, helping our communities achieve their potential in STEAM area and caring for those in crisis or need.

Our ESG commitment

“Imagine 2025 or 2030. We at Infobip do it all the time because we live in a digital universe where data is created and doubled every two years. A growth mindset is at the heart of our company and a priority for all business segments – from improving our employees’ knowledge and skills to the revolution in digital communication that redefines technology and our industry.

When we think of a growth strategy for the next year or 2025, we aim to create a world that will be an even better place to live. At Infobip we believe we must have a positive and meaningful impact on the environment, the wider community in which we operate and to do good business.”

Silvio Kutić,
Infobip CEO


Connecting with our environment

We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint by adapting our everyday business and by pursuing sustainable initiatives. We try to think about creating a more sustainable working environment in all markets we operate in.

In our HQ locations in Croatia, we have created A+ Standard campuses on which we have:

  • automate energy efficient lighting
  • separate waste collection bins in offices
  • taps which reduce water waste up to 50%
  • insulated walls which minimize heat waste
  • solar panels

We track our carbon footprint on all three scopes in all our locations around the world. In 2023 we will create and implement our environmental targets, aimed at decreasing our carbon footprint across all our scopes by 2030.


Connecting with our communities

We Bippers are passionate about changing lives through partnerships with charitable, educational, and non-profit organizations.

With our donations program in we aim to support STEM related activities, help those in need and respond to crisis situations. Find out more on investing in our communities

With our Bippers4Community volunteering programs we encourage Bippers to their passion, empathy and expertise with others. Find out more about Bippers4Community

We want to amplify the positive impact of Tech by providing high-growth startups with tools that can enhance the lives of everyone in their ecosystem. Find out more about Infobip Startup Tribe.


Accepting the highest ethical standards on business conduct

Transparency, integrity, and respect underpin our strong governance in all business operations. This immutable approach gains and maintains the trust of our stakeholders, and that is why we choose to accept only the highest possible standards on ethical business conduct.

We at Infobip always work in line with our values, respecting the communities and environment we operate in.

Here are some of the policies we adhere to:


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