Tech for a better future: Infobip’s Social Impact Program

How Infobip sticks to its core values and uses its global standpoint for a better tommorow with €164,897.38 raised in donations and initiatives through as many as 80 different projects

While corporate social responsibility and philantrophy are common in today’s ever-evolving business world, it’s important to note that if done right, organizations can have a big role in contributing to a better world. Infobip’s Social Impact Program stands by the company’s core values, making great strides in its philanthropic endeavors.

In 2023, with an impressive tally of over 800 hours of Infobip employees volunteering, the Program exemplified a deep-rooted dedication to community service. The impact extended beyond time, as Infobip’s Social Impact Program also raised €164,897.38 in donations, showcasing a financial commitment to various causes.

Diverse Portfolio of Causes: Categorizing Infobip’s Philanthropic Landscape

In 2023, the Program’s intiatives were divided into 80 different projects. The projects were spread under distinct categories such as Education, Environment, STEAM, Disability, Humanitarian projects, Hospital Support as well as Infobip Employee Support. With this, Infobip can proudly claim to have a diverse portfolio of causes under its umbrella. Humanitarian projects constituted the largest share in 2023, reflecting the company’s values and a deep commitment to offering a helping hand with the most pressing needs in various communities.

In the realm of education, Infobip’s Social Impact Program lead multiple initiatives, accounting for almost 20% of its overall projects. This included support for gifted young minds, underscoring the Program’s belief in the great power education holds as well as nurturing the love for learning in senior citizens through an IT workshop.

One other measurable highlight was the donation of 173 laptops / monitors and other IT equipment pieces. This initiative went a long way in supporting educational institutions and made a better education more accessible to those in need. Additionally, Infobip awarded scholarships to students in need, emphasizing even further its commitment to fostering quality education and supporting the development of potential.

The Social Impact Program continuously shows support for STEAM-related initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and projects related to groups with disabilites which further emphasized a well-rounded approach to Infobip’s philanthropic initiatives.

The Program’s commitment to environmental causes is evident as well, with volunteer cleaning actions, planting trees in Kazakhstan, gifting trees to employees with Treedom into Infobip’s global forest and volunteering in botanical gardens. Infobip also stays aware of the carbon footprint it leaves behind, educating people on digital waste.

At Infobip, we believe in cherishing meaningful connections with the communities we live and work in. Our community commitment is about fostering innovation, empowering minds, closing the gender, geographical and demographic gaps in STEAM and uplifting the underprivileged. We are proud of all our employees who went the extra mile and dedicated their own time to help communities thrive by donating their time and effort to meaningful volunteering initiatives. We aspire not only to create an impact, but also to help shape a brighter future for those around us.

Aurora Volarević

VP Business Integrity at Infobip

Charting a Compassionate Future: An ongoing Commitment to Global Impact

Infobip’s Social Impact Program had its contribution extended beyond geographical boundaries, aligning with its status as a global entity. The Program’s initiatives, grounded in the principles of social responsibility, as well as Infobip’s core values, reflect a deep understanding of the complex challenges facing communities worldwide. By combining financial support, volunteerism, and targeted initiatives, Infobip has set a commendable example for organizations seeking to make a meaningful impact on society. 2023 marked a significant chapter in Infobip’s Social Impact Program’s journey, and its continued commitment to philanthropy promises a brighter future for communities around the globe.