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Infobip.org is the environmental, social and governance (ESG) arm of Infobip.

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Infobip Foundation


Infobip Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting activities and projects in the area of STEAM, focused on helping to close the educational, geographical and demographic gaps in the Republic of Croatia.


About the Foundation

Infobip Foundation supports our social impact objectives in Croatia. Our board of directors is made up of employees at different levels within the organization. Since the beginning we have had a strong connection with the local community supporting various non-profit organizations.

The commitment to make a positive impact in our communities is ingrained in who we are as a business.


Legal head office: Istarska Ulica 157, 52215 Vodnjan (Croatia)
Registration number: 18000002
OIB: 78732556610
Email: foundation@infobip.org
  • Monetary donations: Donating funds in the area of STEAM
  • Tech4Good: Donating our CPaaS and SaaS solutions at free of charge basis or significantly discounted. Eligible non-profit organizations can digitalize and improve their communication capabilities, accelerate processes and increase their impact with help of our technology.
  • In-Kind donations: gift of business property (a non-cash gift) such as capital property (including depreciable property), goods, services, time, and expertise