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Tell us about your organization

Step name: no-support-profit

We are unable to provide support at this time

Infobip will only consider support for registered charities or non-profit organizations.

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Is your request in support of any of the following?

  • Profit organization or profit-generating projects;
  • Private individuals or any activity, even in groups, intended for the benefit of the participant;
  • Leisure or holiday schemes;
  • Projects which have already been rejected before;
  • Refund or project costs already incurred;
  • Expenses that are not directly related to the project;
  • Churches or other religious organizations, including religious member-based groups with limited membership;
  • Political organizations and campaigns;
  • Lobbying effort to support political activities, or to lobby for or against particular pieces of legislation;
  • Private education institutions;
  • Advertising or promotional initiatives;
  • Unions, business industry, or member-based associations;
  • Social activities such as receptions, parties, galas;
  • One-off events, such as congress, conferences, trips, seminars, master classes, summer schools, single commissions, or productions, including registration fees;
  • Cash reserve, reduction of accumulated capital or operating deficits;
  • Fines and penalties;
  • Costs for creating new organizations;
  • Currently funded organizations that have not provided all reports;
  • Capital campaigns or physical infrastructure projects or endowments;
  • General fundraising campaigns such as crowdfunding or gofundme.
Mark one of the following:
Step name: no-support-aforementioned

We are unable to provide support at this time

Infobip does not fund the aforementioned initiatives.

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By submitting an application, you agree that Infobip may email you at the email address you provided about your application and any future Infobip funding opportunities or campaigns.

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Almost done!

INFORMATION NOTICE: Infobip Social Impact application form is the first step on your road to being offered Infobip’s support in the funding of your project. To evaluate your application and contact you regarding potential funding we need to collect certain personal data from you.