Investing in our communities

By establishing partnerships with proven organizations, through monetary donations, in-kind and support with our products (Tech4Good) we try to help the communities we work in.

By investing in our communities, we aim to:

Improve life chances for people around the world

Partner with us and let’s try and close the educational, geographical and demographic STEAM gaps together!

Help communities recover from natural disasters or crisis

We partner with national and international organizations to help alleviate the effects of a natural disaster or crisis by providing monetary support or support with our products.

Support humanitarian initiatives, the educational and healthcare institutions, and persons with disabilities

With our products, in-kind donations or monetary support we want to help with the implementation meaningful initiatives whether it includes helping those who need help the most – people with health issues, disabilities, low income or homeless people or help institutions such as healthcare or educational facilities with improving their working machines and conditions.

Engage employees to participate in our donation activities

Prior to national holidays, we organize collections of goods and or gifts on our campuses which we hand over to organizations who work with low-income families, homeless people or other marginalized groups.

Want to learn more?

Read our ESG report to find out what we did to help communities around the world.