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Building connections between a United Nations agency and its donors

UNICEF and its partners work in 190 countries and territories to promote the rights and wellbeing of every child, with a focus on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded children.

We helped the UN agency to improve engagement and help convert every communication into a donation. UNICEF Brazil used our cloud-based customer engagement tools, communication channel integrations, and professional services to improve their customer journey for existing and prospective donors.

The team can now manage all its communication channels through a single interface, meeting donors on the channels where they want to engage. We also enabled UNICEF to profile specific donor groups and use segmentation to deliver tailored campaigns that translate into higher conversion rates.

Infobip in LATAM

Bippers in Bogotá partnered with Banquete del Bronx, a local non-profit that supports homeless people.

During the Christmas holidays, our team provided backpacks with personal hygiene products and clothes for 3,000 people in need.

Bippers in Brazil turned the “Secret Santa” into an opportunity to give back. Partnering with current client World Vision, a fundraising campaign – powered by our chatbot – supported several charitable causes. The team also uses chatbots for internal employee engagement.

Infobip in North America

Bippers in Canada partnered with Startups Care, a tech community that raises funds for worthy causes. Funds were raised for Fresh Roots, a nonprofit society that “Grows Good Food For All.” through this partnership. Fresh Roots is volunteer-based and all funding is directed to various causes.

Bippers in Canada and United States were involved with programs that champion healthy eating, ecological stewardship, and celebrating communities.

Infobip in Africa

UBONGO’s programs significantly improve school readiness and learning outcomes, and promote social and behavioral change for children, caregivers, and educators.

We provided hardware (laptops, monitors, and docking stations), to elementary schools in Vodnjan to help with the transition to remote learning.
We provided Laerskool Leondale school free access to our communications platform to promote inclusive, high-quality education for all children. The school used our platform to communicate with students, parents, and staff across SMS and email in a cost-effective, efficient way – using detailed reporting to continually optimize communications.

Infobip in Croatia

As part of our COVID-19 pandemic relief efforts, we equipped Pula Hospital with critical life-saving devices – including respirators and equipment for non-invasive breathing support. Many non-profit organizations around the world have benefited from free access to our solutions. Plavi Telefon, for instance, used our WhatsApp Business solution to provide a dedicated emergency line to help children and parents cope with the impact of COVID-19.

We provided hardware (laptops, monitors, and docking stations), to elementary schools in Vodnjan to help with the transition to remote learning.

Other stories from Croatia

  • Vodnjan office supported Dječji dom Ruža Petrović for the 8th consecutive year, bringing cheer to a group of children on Christmas day. In 2020 funds were donated to buy clothes and toys in lieu of the traditional present drop.
  • Zagreb office raised funds for Mala želja,velika sreća and Hrvatski savez za rijetke bolesti. Supporting this initiative since 2016, Bippers have fulfilled more than 100 wishes for children with rare diseases, and 2020 marked the 5th year in a row of supporting them.
  • Bippers in Split office fundraised for Udruga za syndrome Down 21 and Infobip matched the total amount raised.

Infobip in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thanks to a partnership with humanitarian organization Pomozi.ba, our employees participated in the “Meals for Everyone” and provided 150 meals for older citizens. We also provided funding to help 10 individuals receive life-saving medical treatment.

Our engineers in Sarajevo used their skills to make a young cerebral palsy patient’s tablet accessible. The determined trio calibrated the tablet for eye motion tracking. The young person was able to open YouTube, pick his favorite song, and play it for the team by simply moving his eyes.
Sarajevo office partnered with humanitarian NGO Pomozi.ba with numerous humanitarian actions, donations in money and IT equipment which helped school kids following remote school during the lockdown and 2 projects of IT educations for kids.

In December, the effort was dedicated to donating gifts to children from low-income families in collaboration with the local humanitarian organization Ruku na srce.ba.

Infobip in Serbia

Bippers from the Belgrade office supported a fundraising campaign for Anika, a Serbian girl suffering from a rare disease. Infobip matched the sum of funds raised (183,000 RSD), contributing to the achievement of the 2.1M€ goal.